With the Erektor, my worries are all gone

“I should have expressed my satisfaction sooner, but I’ve been waiting for a longer shaft so that I could share my thoughts with you. Calvin told me you have production problems with the tickle shaft, so I’ve ordered a smooth ( with hopes that it will be available again) shaft. I have never seen a doctor about E.D., but the last few years I have a problem maintaining an erection. I have always thought it was anxiety, worrying about losing erection, which then lived up to my worry. I have used pills and finally pumps, but the normal sized pumps were to small and I couldn’t remove it without releasing the vacuum. I’m not that large, don’t know what that says for all the pump users, but it did not make for a happy time. With the Erektor, my worries are all gone. Just the fact of knowing I will not fail, stops any failure. I’m bummed out that I didn’t find you earlier. I would like to discuss Erektor sizing. I originally got a 10F, which was too large in girth while flaccid. Even though the sizing wasn’t right I saw the potential and ordered a E and 1 1/2″ longer. I have found that using a longer shaft hyper extends my penis and produces an erection, and using a larger ring at the lowest possible on my penis. The ring becomes and acts like a penis ring ,helping maintain my erection, solid erection I might add. The lower and longer shaft makes for a more natural erect feel.”

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