Benefits for Men with Erectile Dysfunctions

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Enhance your sexual experience with the Erektor™

Vaginal Penetration Guaranteed

Allows men with Erectile Dysfunction to perform vaginal penetration and intercourse even without a natural erection and without the use of ED medications, injections, or surgeries; immediately!

Natural Feel

The Erektor™ provides the same rigidity as a naturally erect penis.


The Erektor™ is virtually undetectable by the female partner during intercourse

Full Sensation

Your penis is completely exposed for full contact and sensation


The Erektor™ can accommodate circumcised as well as uncircumcised penises.

No Prescriptions

No Doctor’s visits


Erektor™ is flexible enough and acts in the same way as an erect penis during intercourse. It provides a natural degree of freedom and conforms to your partner’s specific positions.


Erektor™ is comfortably worn and reliably secured on a flaccid penis without any hanging or protruding strips, springs, rubber bands or any other elastic components which can interfere with blood flow into the penis. Erektor™ will not interfere with the pleasure of normal intercourse


Erektor™ adapts to each man’s penis shape when worn


Design is smooth without any sharp or protruding elements


The Erektor™ is virtually indestructible under normal use, with no possibility of separation or failure of component parts if used correctly


No allergic or latex materials are used in the manufacturing of the product’s components

Condom Friendly

Erektor™ can be used with or without condoms

Medical Grade

All components are made from Medical grade materials


Does not restrict ejaculation

Easy to use

Each Erektor™ is fabricated with a quick release mechanism


The Erektor™ is fully protected by three US patents and Trademark


The Erektor™ is registered with the FDA as a class II medical device. Because of its effectiveness, safety and simplicity, the Erektor™ can be sold without a prescription

Quick Application

You can put the Erektor™ on and take it off in seconds. It is as easy as putting on a condom

Helps with PE

Delays ejaculation

Explanation Video

Additional Benefits

  • No medications – no side effects
  • No invasive surgery
  • No waiting
  • Your partner will love it
  • Your penis is completely exposed, so you can feel every sensation
  • Continue intercourse after ejaculation
  • Can be used with a condom
  • Comfortable for your partner
  • A training device for premature ejaculation
  • Can be used with alcohol

Erektor™ is registered by FDA as class II Medical Device and can be sold without prescriptions