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What is the Erektor™?

Erektor™ is a tiny, lightweight, external penile support device when applied on a flaccid penis makes it possible to perform FULL QUALITY intercourse even without a natural erection and continue intercourse even after ejaculation.

Is the Erektor™ a real solution for immediate intercourse without side effects?

Erektor™ helps men with impotence and premature ejaculation problems perform full quality intercourse as long as partners want without use of any drugs, supplements, injections, pumps or surgeries and without any side effects, reactions or interactions with other drugs.

Results and benefit are immediate.

Erektor™ is virtually undetectable by the female partner during intercourse.
Erektor™ provides full skin on skin contact for both sexual partners.
Erektor™ is a class II medical device registered with FDA USA and can be sold without a prescription.

What are the major benefits of the Erektor™?

– Immediate results. No medications, no injections, pumps, or surgeries needed and as a result no side effects.
– Erektor™ can be put on a flaccid penis in a matter of seconds.
– Men can perform intercourse with a weak erection or without an erection at all.
– Penetration is 100% guaranteed.
– Duration of intercourse is limited only by mutual desire of the partners.

How long has the Erektor™ been on the Market?

Erektor™ has been on a market for over 12 years.

Does the Erektor™ need a prescription?

No. The Erektor™ can be purchased directly by the consumer without a prescription.

Is the Erektor™ safe?

Yes. Each Erektor™ is manufactured in the USA, strictly with FDA guidance for manufacturing of the external penile support devices, using only FDA-approved materials in an FDA-approved facility and carries a 12-month warranty.

How long can I perform intercourse with the Erektor™?

You can enjoy sex for as long as you want and as your physical condition allows. With the Erektor™ you can perform intercourse any time you want for as long as you want. We recommend not exceeding 30 min. sessions with a rest period of at least 15 minutes in between sessions. Enjoy responsibly, using common sense on the duration.

How difficult is to put the Erektor™ on?

It is very simple to attach. In fact, it is as easy as putting on a condom. It should take less than 30 seconds. You simply slide the clip on the shaft back to the base, the spread apart the front loop. Next, wrap the loop around the area behind the head of your penis and slide the clip up. Lastly, attach the back of the shaft to 1 of the 4 included base rings. The below video demonstrates how to attach The Erektor™.

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Is the Erektor™ adjustable or does one size fit all?

No. each Erektor™ is custom made to provide the perfect fit for each specific anatomy.

Should I use lubricants?

Yes. Lubricants are strongly recommended.

Can I see how the Erektor™ works prior to buying it?

Yes, go to the website: , click on the buttons: “Explanation videos” , ” Videos” or “Photos”

Is there an additional charge for a special size Erektor™?

No. We manufactured the custom Erektor™ based on your specific anatomy.

What is the procedure for ordering of the Erektor™?

After you place your order, you will receive the email with conformation and two steps instruction. As a first step we will send you a measuring kit. In a second step you provide your specific anatomy measurements online. We will manufacture the custom made Erektor™ based on your specific anatomy and ship it to you.

What it the price for the Erektor™?

Price for the custom made Erektor™ is $198 USD

What is the warranty for the Erektor™?

Manufacturing warranty for the Erektor™ is 12 months from production date.

Is the Erektor™ reusable?

Yes. The Erektor™ is reusable and can be used many times. Manufacturing warranty for the Erektor™ is 12 months based on average of 500 uses.

Can I use the Erektor™ in conjunction with ED medications?

Yes, you can. With the Erektor™ there are no side effects or interactions with any medications.

Can I use the Erektor™ after prostate surgery?

Yes, you can. Please consult with your doctor prior to returning to sexual activity after any surgeries.

I have diabetes. Can I use the Erektor™?

Yes, you can. Many men with diabetes have poor circulation and thus find it difficult to achieve an erection. The Erektor™ is ideal for this issue.

Can I stop taking my medications and use the Erektor™ instead?

We cannot give you recommendations on your prescribed medications, please consult your doctor. As you know ED medications do not treat erectile dysfunction but may make it possible to perform intercourse. The Erektor™ does the same–making it possible to perform intercourse without the use of medications. The advantage is that the Erektor™ has no side effects and results are immediate.

Can I use the Erektor™ with a condom?

Yes, you can.

Can I use the Erektor™ for an anal intercourse?

We do not recommend using the Erektor™ for an anal intercourse, but you can discuss this possibility with your partner. Erektor™ was design for a vaginal intercourse, but several customers reported that they use it for an anal intercourse with sufficient lubrication.

Where can I find registration of the Erektor™ with the FDA?

Registration of the Erektor™ you can find on the FDA medical devices website:

Does insurance cover the cost of The Erektor™

We have had several clients submit a claim for reimbursement of the Erektor™ to their HSA (Health Savings Account) administrator. Many times, the claim was approved in its entirety. It’s not clear that all or part of the cost would be considered by Medicare or other medical insurance policies.

Your instructions suggest measuring flaccid, but I never get completely flaccid, only 50%-75% flaccid? Should I still measure the same way?

If you feel your penis stay engorged all the time just not to the level to perform intercourse, yes you can measure while being partially engorged. We still suggest you use lubricant and tighten the measuring band so it will not slip off. Always order your Erektor™ tighter than looser. Currently, 25% of our customers re-order replacement shafts. 90% of the time, the new shafts are the same length and the only difference is the girth is smaller.

Is The Erektor™ a better solution for ED than a vacuum pump?

Vacuum pumps are effective at engorging your penis, but not to the point of being erect enough to perform intercourse. The pumps do not create the rigidity needed for penetration. The Erektor™ will surely hold you fully extended regardless of blood flow. Some customers use The Erektor™ along with the Pump.

Will The Erektor™ work for me if I am uncircumcised?

Yes. The Erektor™ works for uncircumcised men. You simply pull back your foreskin, attach the front loop, then release your foreskin.

What do I do if The Erektor™ does not fit properly?

Since The Erektor™ comes in contact with a human skin it cannot be returned, remade or resold. We, however, offer to all our customers, who have purchased the complete Erektor™, the replacement shaft for only $99 plus shipping and handling. We will make you a new custom shaft with different length and girth sizes if you need one.

Will my partner feel any discomfort?

No. All our feedback is consistent with our own trials. The front loop of The Erektor™ tucks behind the head of your penis so this portion is rarely felt. The front loop is made of a soft medical grade silicone. The 2 ultra-thin bars on the bottom (less than 2 millimeters thick) are encapsulated in a smooth medical grade plastic tubing known as PEEK.

Initially my Erektor™ fit me perfectly, however, I have now gained an extra 1/2" or so in length just by using my Erektor™. Do I have to buy a whole new unit?

No. At any time after your initial purchase you would like a different size, you may purchase a new shaft for only $99.

Your instructions suggest measuring while flaccid. What if I become erect after I attach and use The Erektor™?

The Erektor™ attaches behind the head of your penis. This area typically only grows around 60% compared to your head and shaft. The front top loop of The Erektor™ made of a silicon that accommodate the expansion.

Will The Erektor™ work for me if I have had my prostate removed?

Yes. The Erektor™ has quickly become a desired and effective device for men who have had their prostates removed or that have had prostate surgery.

Can I use The Erektor™ along with a vacuum pump?

Yes. After you pump, you may attach The Erektor™ and have normal intercourse. Customers who use the clamps after pumping, typically order 1 size shorter to allow for the thickness of the clamp.

How do I clean The Erektor™?

We suggest using a mild soap and warm water. Make sure it is rinsed and dried thoroughly. Be sure to slip the clip forward and back during cleaning. We do not suggest hot water since it will degrade the silicone.

What measuring advice can you provide?

We highly recommend using the silicone measuring band that we provided. We also suggest using lubricant when measuring your girth. When customers do re-order a shaft it has been reported that 25% of our customers re-order replacement shafts. 90% of the time, the new shafts are the same length, and the only difference is the girth is smaller. When our customers will re-order a new girth size it shows that 95% of the time the girth is always smaller.
Please review the below video on how to properly measure.

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Why would I choose The Erektor™ over Viagra, Cialis or Levitra?

Many of our customers tell us they stopped using these ED pills because of the expensive cost and the severe side effects. The most common reported side effects are headache, flushing, and dyspepsia. Blurry vision and blue tinged vision are also side effects only commonly reported in Viagra (2% with 50 mg, and 11% with 100 mg), and less common (<2% reported) in Cialis or Levitra. Another reported side effect is an elevated heart rate and a feeling of being lightheaded with excessive sweating. The Erektor™ is a natural ED alternative that works immediately. It does not require a 1-2 hour waiting period like ED pills. The Erektor™ also has no known side effects.

Can I use the Erektor™ if I don't have an ED issue?

Yes, if you want to have an edge in a bedroom, you can always use the Erektor™

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to just about every country aside from Iran. In fact, 40% of all our sales are from outside of the United States. The only difference is that customers outside of US should pay for the shipments. Our shipment is free only for the US customers.

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