Assessment of the Erektor™ Penile Support Device for Patients with Prostate Cancer and Their Partners Affected by Severe Erectile Dysfunction

We present quality improvement data from men with severe erectile dysfunction (ED) and their partners on the use of a penile support device, the Elator, as a sexual aid. Six patients with prostate cancer with iatrogenic ED and five partners were introduced to the device by the sexual health nurse in a urology clinic in Sweden. At 8 to 20 weeks after the introduction of the Elator, patients and partners completed a brief survey on their experience in using the device for penetrative vaginal sex. The patients and their partners generally found the Elator helpful for penetrative sex. Some patients used it in combination with other ED treatment. Minor issues (e.g., getting correct penile measurements for proper fit, some discomfort) were reported.

Overall feedback on the Elator was positive. More research is warranted on how nurses in oncology and other sexual health clinicians can help patients with ED and their partners explore novel sex aids such as the Elator and use them effectively to maintain sexual intimacy long-term.

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Erektor™ is registered by FDA as class II Medical Device and can be sold without prescriptions