“The product does what it says. Keeps you in the action. Having Diabetes presents unique challenges at least for me. Sometimes you can get an erection that stays and sometimes you don’t. With this device, you can put it on and start having sex immediately. Then when you get an erection it doesn’t get in the way, you don’t have to stop and kill the moment, you can just keep going. With Diabetes I can experience numbness which can lead to losing my erection without constant physical stroking. With this device that situation is eliminated. You don’t have to worry about not having enough stiffness to keep going, especially when she is at the point of having her orgasm. If you have experienced the numbness sometimes your experience is not that great if you have to push through it. Your orgasm is not as intense or satisfying. With this device, you can go ahead and enjoy your moment and still keep going so that she can enjoy hers later. Make sure to use lube, even though this device is small, it is still something foreign, not natural and it can irritate your partner if not lubricated. It is well worth the price.”