About Global Life Technologies

Global Life Technology LLC, the company behind the Erektor, is an American company based in Chicago, IL, dedicated to revolutionizing male sexual health.

Our Vision and Mission

Led by a team of experts and visionaries, we are committed to providing men with safe, reliable, and accessible solutions that enhance their intimate experiences and improve their overall well-being.

With a focus on natural remedies and cutting-edge technology, the company strives to provide effective, safe, and accessible solutions that empower men to regain intimacy and improve their relationships.

This true revolution in natural ED solutions is set to transform the lives of millions of men worldwide. 

Erektor™ has garnered significant attention due to its exceptional efficacy and the absence of adverse effects.

Erektor™, A Breakthrough in Natural ED Solutions

Unlike traditional approaches that rely on medications, Erektor™ offers an entirely drug-free alternative. By harnessing innovative technology, this FDA class II approved medical device, also protected by three US Patents and Trademark, offers instant results without the need for a prescription. It caters to men with various underlying medical conditions, as well as those struggling with weak erections or no erections at all, premature ejaculations and also for a healthy man who are looking for advantage in a bedroom.

Innovation and Protection

With three US patents and a trademark, the Erektor stands at the forefront of the natural ED solutions market, revolutionizing the field and offering hope to those in need. 

With three US patents and a trademark, the Erektor stands at the forefront of the natural ED solutions market, revolutionizing the field and offering hope to those in need. 

Erektor™ additional information

 Erektor is a class II Medical Device and is exempt from 510K pre-market notifications, no clinical data required by FDA to manufacture and market Erektors. Erektor meets all FDA design, manufacturing, packaging, labeling and registrations requirements.  

The Erektor is a super-lightweight (less than 5 grams) and elegantly designed device that provides the wearer with just enough direct penile support and flexibility for immediate sexual penetration. Each device is custom made based on personal measurements.

The Erektor stretches the penis to the correct angle when applied on a flaccid penis, providing sufficient support and rigidity to the penis enabling the wearer to engage in intercourse with a weak erection or no erection at all.

Due to its thin design, use of strong but flexible biomedical materials, and minimalist features, it is barely visible when worn and adapts to each man’s body anatomy. The Erektor hugs the male anatomy in such a clever way that it is not detectable by the female during sexual activity.  

Further, because the Erektor is so thin and minimal in design, all the penile shaft and the complete glans and frenulum are not covered and not restricted in any way.  This allows both partners to experience full skin on skin contact, and an unrestricted and completely natural experience, without reduction of sexual stimulation or modification of customary sexual technique.   

Regardless of change in the size and shape of the penis during normal sexual activity the Erektor is designed and engineered to accommodate those needs comfortably and fully.  If a partial or complete natural erection occurs while wearing the Erektor, it will accommodate any increased girth of the penis without discomfort due to a soft expandable design feature of the front loop.  

Of the many unique advantages of the Erektor, the most important is that it is a completely safe non-drug and non-surgical ED treatment, with no possible drug reactions or interactions. 

Because of the simple and straightforward design of the Erektor, it assures 100% vaginal penetration and intercourse the first time and every time it is used.  It is not only the most dependable form of ED treatment with no possible delayed or unexpected response; it is also the fastest and safest form of ED treatment.  The wearer can put it on in 15-20 seconds and sexual activity can take place immediately. The Erektor works regardless of if other medical conditions are present (prostate or bladder problems, diabetes, MS, vascular disease, etc.).  

If a man is healthy enough for the rigors of intercourse, he can use the Erektor.  Duration of intercourse is limited only by mutual desire; intercourse can continue after ejaculation occurs. For the multi-orgasmic woman, or the woman who requires longer stimulation, it is possible to continue intercourse while wearing the Erektor as long as the couple agrees. 

This is an excellent option for men with premature ejaculation problems and men with performance anxiety. The Erektor can be used with or without a condom and can be used by men who are circumcised or uncircumcised. 

Erektor™ is More Than a Device

FDA Compliance: Erektor™ is a class II Medical Device, exempt from 510K pre-market notifications, meeting all FDA requirements.

Customized Design: Super-lightweight and custom-made based on personal measurements, Erektor™ offers direct penile support and flexibility for immediate sexual penetration.

Discreet and Comfortable: Barely visible and adaptable to each man’s body anatomy, Erektor™ ensures skin-on-skin contact, providing a natural and unrestricted experience.

Safe and Expandable: Engineered to accommodate changes in size and shape during normal sexual activity, Erektor™ is safe, non-drug, and non-surgical.

Fast and Dependable: Easy to wear, offering 100% vaginal penetration immediately, Erektor™ is a dependable, fast, and safe ED treatment.

Versatile and Inclusive: Can be used with or without a condom, by circumcised or uncircumcised men, and is an excellent option for premature ejaculation and performance anxiety.


Erektor™ goes beyond being a product; it’s a lifestyle enhancer, a confidence booster, and a symbol of hope for those seeking a natural solution to erectile dysfunction. Join us on this transformative journey at Global Life Technologies, LLC, where we redefine the possibilities of intimate health.


Erektor™ is registered by FDA as class II Medical Device and can be sold without prescriptions