“Now in my late 50’s, like so many men as I hear, lower testosterone and/or, weight/fitness took a toll on my ability to get/maintain an erection. No need to tell you how utterly frustrating it has been to want to enjoy sex with my wife and just couldn’t perform. I tried the pill remedies, and they helped most of the time, but I got horrible headaches, making them not worth it. Additionally being scared off by ‘side effects’ advertised. We looked at implants, both minor and major, but cost and risks deterred us from that option. So, here we are, and I have to say WOW. Am I glad that I decided to give this amazingly simple and well-designed device a try. Simple to attach, and yes, it may not be as intense as the vibrant natural erections of our youth, but now my wife and I are enjoying frequent sex again free from disappointment and anxiety. Also, as I think was mentioned in material and/or testimonials, the lack of anxiety and fear of not being able to perform definitely exacerbated my problem. With the confidence that I can continue my intimacy with my wife even if my erection flags, the instances have reduced, and as advertised, gaining a full erection with the device isn’t a problem. 🙂 Well done Erektor! I am absolutely thrilled to have a solution that isn’t risking side effects or breaking my bank and still with risks. Well done Erektor!”