“I received the Erektor yesterday and my wife and I tried it last night. It worked very well with a few glitches. We had natural-feeling sex for the first time in several years (trying vacuum pumps, etc.). The glitches: it is really necessary to have a tight-fitting ring at back. I eventually tried the smallest ring with lube and it worked well. I could use a still-smaller ring if one is available, and I suggest that you ask for a circumference measurement at the pubic bone. Also, at the beginning of sexual intercourse, hold the ring with two fingers all the way back to the public bone. If you attain a partial erection (which I did) this will hold the ring in place for the continuation of intercourse. Otherwise the loop can come off the penis head, requiring a new beginning. Another suggestion: be sure to shave the pubic area to avoid entanglement of hairs in the Erektor! Results are immediately good, and I am confident they will be better with practice.”