This product was the answer to my prayers. This product WORKS!!!

“I am a young man in my late sixties. I am in great shape, have muscle mass that a 20 year old would kill for. I use to body build and have great stamina and power for my age. I still participate in some sports such as touch football, swimming, baseball, track, karate and I still box a bit. I have all that but in the bedroom I was incomplete. I have ED, erectile dysfunction. I have tried everything, pills, liquids, needles, pumps you name it. I tried almost everything but surgery and this was something I was considering doing before I found The Erektor. This product was the answer to my prayers. This product WORKS!!! It helps where pumps can’t and where pills don’t. Other products don’t give you the rigid stiffness the The Erektor gives, which is needed for penetration in sexual intercourse. The Erektor is very comfortable and you don’t even know your wearing it when your performing in the bedroom. This thing is great, your partner does not even know your wearing it all they feel is the pleasure ! I recommend all the guys out there that have ED and any other erectile problem to try this. Do what I did, talk to your doctor about it, then if it’s ok get this thing ! This is no gimmick, it is for real and it will work for you. Believe me the Erektor has changed my bedroom life and now I can receive and give the pleasure I was missing all those past years. Keep up the good work Erektor, there are a lot of guys like me out there and I hope you can reach them ALL !”

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Erektor™ is registered by FDA as class II Medical Device and can be sold without prescriptions