The service received and quality of the Erektor is 1st class.

I’m 74, and have had ED for 10+ years with only a guess of it’s cause. I haven’t found anything to reverse it, so I must live with it. Drugs have too many side effects and health risks, have tried some natural supplements, they helped, never always successful and always resulted in head blockage. Always searching the internet hoping to find a ‘cure’ or something to cause an erection strong enough to penetrate, I stumbled upon the Erektor web site. Read most all of the testimonials, watched the videos, even contacted the company to see if the Erektor was for real. I was still a skeptic but decided to order one, it was worth a try. (I did try a similar brand a year ago, used it once. I penetrated my wife and the dang thing came off inside her. She said, No more)
The Erektor arrived, I gave it a try, went on just like the video shows and it worked! I am very satisfied and my wife is too. (It didn’t come off inside her either, not the first time or the 10th) The service received and quality of the Erektor is 1st class. If you are having doubts about purchasing one, don’t let your doubts hold you back from enjoying sex, anytime you want it, even with a flacid penis.

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Erektor™ is registered by FDA as class II Medical Device and can be sold without prescriptions