I have been afflicted with ED and I am a prostate cancer survivor. I treated my prostate cancer with radiation. I cannot tell for sure when my ED became a significant problem, but it has for the last few years definitely ruined my- and my wife’s sexual life, and filled me with deep sadness. Pills did nothing to help me, and my Urologist did not believe that some other recourse could help.

I discovered The Erektor a couple of months ago, and was immediately taken by its simple natural design. I ordered one right away without initially telling my wife of 26 years.

My initial first impression of being a very natural extension to a man’s anatomy remains strong, and that conviction gets reasserted every time I use the device.

My wife’s apprehension about using an “enhancement device” disappeared after the first time we put it to work. There are no negative effects, nor any undesirable side effects. Only benefits! How many healthcare products are there of which one can say this?

From a practical standpoint, it may take some adjustments and trial and error to figure out the right size. However the folks at The Erektor wholeheartedly facilitate reordering. I am sure every man’s physiology and skills are different when it comes to determining the optimum combination of shaft length and girth. Also in my experience, it may take some time to streamline the technique of putting it on with the least possible disruption, and to figure out at which point in a couple’s foreplay the device should be put on.

In any event, the most incredible piece of testimonial that I can offer is the magical life changing effect that The Erektor has provided me. It has removed the fear and resignation of not being able to bring sexual intercourse to completion, and in doing so it has provided me with hope, and with the excitement of regaining my marital sexual normalcy.