I’ve had issues with ED since getting on ssri meds 12 years ago. I’m still able to acheive an erection, but wasn’t able to maintain it long enough. After failed attempts with pumps and rings, I came across the Erektor. It immediately caught my attention because I imagined that a penile support device would be ideal. There’s another less expensive version from the UK, but it’s not custom and I don’t believe in the “one size fits all” approach towards any ED products. I had to play around with the fittings to get it right and also needed a replacement shaft, but Mark assisted me in getting the correct fit based on images I had sent him of the original. I would suggest using their free tool to measure and take multiple measurements. The good news is that this is the first product that actually worked for me! My wife barely notices it and it’s not noticeable at all if you’re wearing a condom. Regardless, it’s comfortable for the wife and I plan on continuing using this device. It’s expensive, but I’ve spent close to the same amount for multiple products that were useless to me.