The Erektor™ penile support device is an alternative to ED medications

The Erektor™, is an external penile support device that, when applied to a flaccid penis adds rigidity and stretches the organ at the correct angle to permit full intercourse without erectile medications. Pressure and support are provided by the base ring, while the restrictive action of the soft, expandable loop retains blood supplied to the penis during intercourse. Full contact and sensation are retained. The device can be applied in seconds, is virtually undetectable by the partner during intercourse, and allows intercourse to be continued beyond ejaculation. Dealing with ED has been an important and difficult medical challenge for as long as humans have recorded history. Numerous methods from injections, insertion of medication into the urethra, oral medications, vacuum pumps, counseling, and surgical implants. Each method has had success but each has challenges limiting effectiveness or preventing its use. Comments about some options include:

I don’t want, or can’t take the medication.

There is no spontaneity with pills

That vacuum pump is inconvenient and it turns off my partner when I mess with it.

The vacuum device and ring help for a bit but he is not always firm enough for me to get the most benefit from our activity.

I want sex to be fun and spontaneous not a cumbersome or planned like building a house!!

I hate asking for a new prescription all the time

My ED pill prescription cost $150 each month and sometimes doesn’t work.

Are you still interested in enjoyable spontaneous sexual activity? Consider The Erektor™! The Erektor™ is a custom fit external device easy and fun to put in place, fits under a condom, does not inconvenience your partner, and works every time!!!

Paul J. Kapsar

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Erektor™ is registered by FDA as class II Medical Device and can be sold without prescriptions