“Problems with maintaining erections have developed gradually over about a decade, and seem to be associated in our case with Type 2 diabetes. We tried PDE5 oral meds (Viagra, Cialis, Stendra), vacuum/constriction bands, and intracavernosal injections with some initial successes, but in the end, these were not enough to sustain adequate rigidity. Per blood flow tests, the root of the problem in our case does not appear to be inadequate blood supply to the penis, but a venous leakage. I would seriously consider it, but my wife absolutely hates the idea of “going bionic” with an implant — she thinks it too creepy.

Really, the Erektor is the only remedy that has worked for us. It has allowed us to resume having intercourse, so it’s truly been a godsend.

Obviously correcting the underlying organic problem would be the best solution, but this one works, and I hope that more prosthetic devices along these lines are developed in the meantime.”