The Erektor is remarkable!

“The Erektor is remarkable! I have suffered with ED for 26 years (from the age of 40 to the age of 66). ED is a horrible curse, which has deprived me of any kind of reasonable sex life during what should have been the best years of my adult life. Naturally, during such an unreasonably long period of time, I have sought out and tried almost every non-surgical ED remedy available. I have not seriously considered surgery for several reasons, including the thought that it is irreversible, and it too has limited effectiveness and may not work anyway. Penile injection worked quite well for a period of time, but eventually resulted in some undesirable side effects, and eventually stopped being effective. In spite of the high expense and horrible side effects of pharmaceutical remedies, they seemed promising, but would only work on me two or three times, and then they stopped working altogether. Hypnosis did not help in my case. The vacuum pump, which sometimes required multiple uses during sex, was the best solution I had until I learned of The Erektor. The Erektor seems to be a relatively new product to the non-prescription market. While it is implied that similar devices were available through prescription, I have been to several ED specialists and none has ever recommended such a device. In reading the online reviews at many sites, I found most are positive; however I did find some negative comments, which were easy for me to discount. I found that most of the criticisms were from people who hadn’t tried it, and/or were critical of the way it looked, or they had given up too soon on trying to determine the correct size measurement. Some of the reviews are disturbing and naive. In light of my own experience, these types of reviews infuriate me.”

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Erektor™ is registered by FDA as class II Medical Device and can be sold without prescriptions