I am a transgender man who has gone through reassignment surgery to create a phallus. FTM Transgender, phallus was built using skin graft and cannot become erect naturally. The phallus cannot become erect naturally, and as such, an implant is usually used to allow for erections. Unfortunately, these implants have a tendency to break or wear down. I have had many previous surgeries that have cumulatively taken a toll on my health; I want to avoid more surgeries if I can. I have tried Strap-ons, doubling up on condoms, etc. The Erektor is a great choice for trans men who wish to penetrate a partner or toy without further surgical intervention. It works amazingly well and my partner could not feel the device itself. Being able to perform penetration on a partner for the first time in my life was an incredible experience; in my opinion this device should be considered as a viable and affordable option for all post-op trans men!