“As a wife, I will have to say that the Erektor has brought back something we had lost. It works great. I would just advise that people make sure the end circumference measurement is fairly snug so that it does not slip off with lubricant. I would also suggest putting the ring on before an erection so that it is not hard to get on and use the smallest one for the size. My husband had four back surgeries years ago and suffered nerve damage to his penis making half of it numb. We just thought there was nothing we could do about it. Happy to say that with the Erektor, our sex lives have bloomed again even at 64 years old. My husband was hesitant at first because he felt like this was a crutch and it threatened his masculinity but after some heartfelt talks and encouragement, he is now happy with it. It makes us both happy and even feeling much younger. Thank you to whoever invented this and we recommend it to others as well.