Thank you Erektor

“After the ED drugs quit working I started searching for an alternative to gain an erection again. The only thing I came across was having am penile prosthesis implanted, but the cost was just too much. So we resorted to using some types of adult toys. These helped but the feeling of intercourse and the closeness it brings was not there. About a few months ago, I stumbled on to the Erektor through an article. I found the Erektor website but was still not sure, as all of you know there are plenty of sites claiming to boost libido. So I did a scam search, and I found nothing. This is not to say there are some dissatisfied individuals, I just did not find them. What I did find was lots of men and women who were happy they had successfully used the Erektor. I order it. When it finally arrived, I did not show it to my wife right away but tried it on to see how it felt. I was OK, kind of tight but not uncomfortable. So I finally showed it to my wife, she looked at it and said, Hmmuff and walk-away. Not deterred, I simply waited until she was ready. When we finally had intercourse, Boys and Girls, she enjoyed it and did not complain about the plastic ring which surrounds the neck of the corona gland. Thank you Erektor.”

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Erektor™ is registered by FDA as class II Medical Device and can be sold without prescriptions