I’m 87 and remain sexually active

I’m 87 and remain sexually active, very active in fact, yet with age comes a difference, Mr C appears to become deflated, he wants yet cannot reach up; I’m sure you know what I mean. Previously, when he sensed a pretty girl he stood to attention and saluted her, now he’s a shadow of his former self. Intercourse became difficult; he wanted desperately to open the door to paradise but alas the door remained shut to his gentle pushing. Naturally I looked around, checked all the goodies, most were advertising junk, promised the world yet obviously could never deliver. Then I saw the Erektor, it looked good, as if this could be the answer, not cheap, but are good things cheap? So I bought the Erektor, it was delivered well wrapped plus came with several base rings for different widths, how good to find a company who cared. I tried it the first evening, it fitted fine, no probs, girlfriend said “Wow, you’re in” and Mr C was in, deep, just perfect, thanks to the Erektor. My girlfriend never felt the Erektor, all she felt was, well, you know. She was happy and so was I, and Mr C was “Elated”.

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