I made the decision to try The Erektor and I am elated!

“I am 6 months post DaVinci prostate surgery. Needless to say, the erections are not back yet. My wife and I were both eager to try something that could help our sex life. Daily Cialis has not had much effect and the pump is awkward and sometimes painful. I saw The Erektor on YouTube and my first reaction was to chuckle. I went to the website and investigated. My second reaction was to think that this devise is really expensive (this is coming from a guy that is paying almost $10/pill for daily Cialis). I made the decision to try The Erektor and I am elated! It has brought back a somewhat normal sex life for my wife and I. We can now enjoy intercourse, something missing for 6 months and important to both of us. No, intercourse is not the same as before prostate surgery, but it is very satisfying. My wife and I can both slightly feel the device, but its not an uncomfortable feeling. My wife has had orgasms comparable to intercourse before my surgery and she also is elated! My advise is to try The Erektor, it really does work.”

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