I have to say it was one of the best intimate nights in years

“At age 77 my Urologist suggested that I begin taking 50 mg. of Viagra to help me maintain my worry about performing. I filled the prescription and received nothing more than marginal help after taking 50 mg. of Viagra while experiencing an unexpected burning feeling in my chest, arms, and head. The intense burning lasted throughout the night and made sleeping very uncomfortable. I tried it again, and again with the same burning sensations. I began a web search for an alternative and found the Erektor. After careful measuring as suggested by the reviews I made the order. A very nervous feeling the first time but it worked perfectly. The fit was perfect and so easy to use. I have to say it was one of the best intimate nights in years. No pain or discomfort for either me or my wife. I threw the remaining Viagra away along with the prescription. This has truly changed my life and allows me to maintain a very healthy sexual life even at my age. This is something that Urologists should recommend for their patients instead of always pills. I highly recommend it and I also want to mention the assistance and support is excellent.”

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