I have discovered that the Erektor is much better than the pump, oral medication or surgery

“I have discovered that the Erektor is much better than the pump, oral medication or surgery. For example, the surgery is irreversible, drastic, has many complications, must be repeated after 5 years and it can cost a lot of money. While the Erektor has no complications whatsoever. The only drawback might be not being able to use it more than 30 minutes during one session. The base ring is fantastic and in my case it helped in keeping the erection -long enough for a an easy penetration. In fact, it is the best ring I have had used and I have had experimented with a lot of penile rings. They send different sizes to suit your individual needs. Cosmetic look: It is almost concealed : the loop is hidden in the groove – penile sulcus – behind the glans penis and the shaft is down below and cannot be seen. Taking the right measurement: you must use the band and not the printed paper. Ask the customer service to send you a measuring band. And take the measurement with the help of your partner. Repeat it in 3 different days and even after that you need to consult the Erektor technical team who are very helpful and do have a deep and wide experience and will advice you in the correct measurement for your individual needs. You can contact them through their email and or the phone. I myself made the mistake of taking the measurement so quickly and as a result I needed a replacement. However, before ordering the replacement I had contacted the Erektor Customer Team and they helped me in finding my accurate measurement. In fact, they are friendly, and professionals- people you can trust and respect. Cost issue: Considering the cost of all the other methods of Erectile Dysfunction, namely: surgery, oral, and or the pump the Erektor is very cost-effective and affordable. What is more , it is effective and easy to use whether you are young or an old. If you have any degree of erectile dysfunction go for the Erektor : it is your best option.”

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Erektor™ is registered by FDA as class II Medical Device and can be sold without prescriptions