“I have been using the Erektor for about four years and it has been a godsend for my relation with my partner and my sexual quality of life. Following a prostate operation and a bout of radiation I found myself in shock with acute ED after having had a very active sex life. I tried the usual doctor’s suggestions. The various ED pills as well the Prostatil and the Tri-mix injections and even a mix of these treatments. This was stressing and costly. Just imagine the stress and the needed dexterity to self administer an injection in the penis! At times I missed and hit a capillary vein and had hematomas over the penis for weeks. In addition the usage was limited to few times a week and provided somehow painful intercourse or an urge to ejaculate as if this was now or never. This reminded me of situations of PE at an earlier age. I also travel quite a lot and carrying the injection vial was not an option as it needs refrigeration nor travelling with a bulk of Caverjet needles.I then came across a device called the Erektor and frankly this made a total difference in my sex life. I got in contact with the provider of the device and received a very warm and professional response. To make a long story short I bought the device and after few trials I adjusted to it quickly. I have now three model sizes of the device and am able to have sex as often and as long as I whish as the device not only solved my ED situation but as well, via some constriction, removed any PE or urge to ejaculate thus enabling me to have much longer intercourse sessions and controlling to have or not an ejaculation thus offering as well to my multiorgasum partner an improved satisfaction via multiple love sessions.