“I had a radical prostatectomy in 1992. I was only in my mid 40s at that time. I had nerve sparing surgery but in the early months of recovery my surgeon suggested using a vacuum pump to “kick start” things. After a few months I no longer needed the pump and all was well for many years. Now that I am over 25 years older and have been taking medication for hypertension I have needed Levitra for several years. The side effects were becoming more troubling and the medication was less and less effective. I began searching for other options and came across your information on the internet. After reading your background and seeing that it was recommended by physicians I decided to give it a try since my wife and I missed the closeness and intimacy which has always been an important part of our marriage. After our first experience with the Erektor we are both very happy with the results and look forward to regaining something we thought may have been lost forever. Thank you for your simple and effective option for couples faced with ED!!