I finally was able to have sex with my new wife

I am a transgender man with phalloplasty and lost three penile implants due to infection. I need the Erektor to get an erection and have sex. I was on a Reddit group for phalloplasty patients and I saw someone review the Erektor and show himself having sex with his wife and I realized it would work for me and I would not have to worry about future surgery.

The first time I ordered wrong because I stretched my penis and since medical phalloplasty does not stretch the way a cis man does, I needed to get one size smaller. I tried it out today and it works perfectly!! I finally was able to have sex with my new wife: I had both vaginal and anal sex and had no problem! I love it! She loves it! She did not find the bars uncomfortable. I bought the tickler edition and she just screamed in delight. I am one happy man.

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