I began to feel useless as a man and even had thoughts of committing suicide

My name is Virgil Mathis and the purpose of my story is to help my fellow veterans who are struggling with PTSD and as a result may also suffer from erectile dysfunction. I was born on July 4th 1945. I was raised in Chicago and graduated from Crane High School in 1965. During that time the Vietnam War was raging and I felt the need to serve my Country. My brother Victor Mathis and I joined the US Military. He joined the U.S. Navy and I Joined the U.S. Army. I served in the Army from April 26th 1966 – April of 1969. Before my service in the military I had a girlfriend Dinah. We were in love and had a very good sex life. She cared a lot about me. One night she invited me to her apartment for dinner and we were about to have some bedroom fun. This was the first time I started noticing something that I had never previously experienced. While in bed I began to experience performance issues. I continued to have these issues over the next 10 year period. At that point around 1972 I was living in silence and did not know what to do about situation. My condition almost drove me crazy. One day I heard an Advertisement on the radio about the MSD Institute in Chicago. I contacted them about my issue and they diagnosed me with low blood pressure which was contributing to my performance issues and prescribed injections of Papaverine. It worked, but my erections lasted 4 – 6 hours and would not go down. I had to take cold showers and walk on my treadmill for hours in order to reduce the side effects of this injection not to mention that this medication was very expensive. I tried using other injection medication such as Trimix as a different treatment option. With this treatment I had to inject myself every time I wanted to have sex. This was extremely frustrating and embarrassing. For about 7 years my girlfriend and I both suffered because I had no treatment for my ED. And this really began to take a toll on our relationship. I began to feel useless as a man and even had thoughts of committing suicide. I continued to search for a better treatment and tried Viagra 50 MG and 100 MG but it never worked for me. I also tried the Vacuum Pump without any success. I was even afraid to get married because I thought that my wife would end up cheating on me if I could not perform in bed. All these years, from the age of 20 to 69 I suffered every moment of my life because of my inability to have a healthy relationship with women and to have a family. I don’t know why this had to happen to me. Maybe this was due to my military service during Vietnam War or it may be some other issues, but this is not important now. The good news is that I finally solved my ED problem! I was desperately surfing the internet a couple months ago and found a local company, Global Life Technologies in Chicago. This Company manufactures a tiny external support device, the Erektor, for men with ED problems. When this device is placed on the penis, it allows men to perform full quality intercourse with a weak erection or with no erection at all. The beauty of this device is that it provides full skin on skin contact and is virtually undetectable when worn. This device has changed my life! Now I can have sex any time I want without medications, instantly and without any side effects. This device is very inexpensive, reusable, and easy to apply and the company gives a full warranty on the device for 1 year. I am sure there are probably many of my fellow veterans who are suffering as much as I did and can benefit from use of the Erektor if they knew more about it. I would like to help them learn more about it and let them know that help is available. I would be happy to provide contact information and my own personal experience with this revolutionary treatment.

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