I am a trans guy post-phalloplasty who heard about the Erektor from word of mouth. Despite carefully measuring, I ordered my rod a little too short. Because of that, it doesnt fully hold me at a 90 degree angle, although it does give me decent rigidity. The Erektor allowed me to penetrate my partner, which has been an amazing experience. We tried anal sex and although I’ve heard of others being able to, I didnt seem to have enough rigidity. Not sure if that’s related to my rod being too short. I do have issues sometimes with slipping out of the loop underneath the head, even though again I measured very carefully and erred on the side of caution. In fact, the first time I wore the Erektor, it pinched some skin without me realizing, and cut off my blood flow. So it’s obviously very tight, but I still have occasional issues with it slipping off. I hope that will also be alleviated by getting a longer rod. It’s definitely frustrating to have measured so carefully and spent so much money only to have to spend even more to try and make it work. I would say there’s definitely a learning curve with the Erektor and that its gotten easier to use with practice. Some positions are better than others. Overall, this is a great product. My partner was not able to feel the Erektor, and it gave us incredible skin on skin contact.