I am a man of trans experience.

I am a man of trans experience. There are several surgical procedures that are available to trans & gnc individuals. I am 12 weeks post op from my gender reassignment surgery and I will not be able to have my 2nd stage surgery, which is my erectile dysfunction device implanted until I am 32 to 52 weeks from my initial surgery date.

I found the Erektor in one if the trans identified private groups on Facebook that I am a member of. There are several other trans men who recommend The Erektor.

I ordered the Erektor on 2/21/2022 & received it on 2/25/2022. I paid for expedited shipping, but it was held up by UPS (insert emoji that rolls its eyes). The packaging was discreet. The case that comes with it is very sturdy.

My experience was great. However, I will have to order a smaller size for my girth. My phallus swells throughout the day. We measured both the length & girth late in the evening after I had been on my feet all day. We like to have morning sex & we noticed that the head of my penis slipped through the hole during intercourse. In the evening or late night if I’ve been very active, it works great.

For reference: I am having sex with a cisgender woman who is very tight. We also us a condom during sex.

My woman loves it…I’m knocking the dust off of her wall & painting my name all over them…LMOA! We think that it is worth the money for trans guys or gnc individuals who are waiting to have to have their final stage completed. Just make sure you order the measuring kit that is available. Follow the instructions!

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