The result of the prescribed injection was severe.

In April of 2010, at age 79, I had six weeks of radiation for prostate cancer. One year later I had four surgeries and a heart attack in four weeks. One of the results of my health issues was ED. To deal with the problem, I first tried Viagra. It gave some help, but only for a short time. Later I went to a men’s medical clinic that specialized in erection problems. Their approach was penile injections. They sought to enroll me in their compressive program at a cost of $6000. I bargained with them for a short term agreement at $600. The result of the prescribed injection was severe. It was a detriment to my health. Through further inquiry on the Internet, I read of a gentleman that had a similar experience. He related that he found satisfaction by using EREKTOR, and recommended it others. I took his advice and have been well pleased. Compared to other approaches, it is simple to use, with no unpleasant side effects. I highly recommend this product for its intended use. Robert Steckert Winter Haven, FL