I’m a trans man and have lost 4 erectile implants over the past 4 years due to infections and other issues. Desperate to take a break from surgeries, I started researching external erectile devices and quickly found the Erektor. I’ve just received my 3rd shaft because I had some issues with measuring (given that the skin on my shaft doesn’t stretch in the same way as a cis man’s), and this third size finally seems correct! (It’s not perfect, but it works.) I’ve been happy to have the Erektor, though in some positions it’s difficult to stay inside my partner — the device keeps me propped up, but the bottom ring doesn’t fit perfectly, which causes me to lose some of the leverage I’d need to really use it effectively.
I do find that frustrating sometimes, though in general (especially when one of us is on top) it’s been working well to keep my inside. My partner has really enjoyed it, though she did say that she can feel the shaft itself (in an uncomfortable way) when we use positions where I’m behind her, so we’ve been avoiding those positions.