“Being in my mid-seventies I was losing my ability to hold an erection and decided to try the Erektor. It was moderately successful mainly in that it took away the anxiety of loss of erection during intercourse. I subsequently, however, had a radical prostatectomy which changed the picture completely. At that point, I became totally reliant on the Erektor to have intercourse and more, as I found that it was useful as a penile stretcher, something that is necessary after such an operation as the blood supply to the base of the penis is compromised and the penis tends to retract. I think the design of the Erektor is brilliant. However, you need to get the correct size so that it holds the head of the penis firmly, which in itself is quite a pleasant sensation as long as it is not left on for too long. (I would say a maximum of two hours) and supplies suitable pressure to the top of the base of the penis to restrict returning blood flow. I usually put it on in the early morning when I get up to empty my bladder (around 6 am), no lubricant at this point, return to bed till about 7 am. Apart from a very pleasant stretching of the penis, it primes me up for intercourse if it should happen or otherwise masturbation. In summary, I would say; If you are just suffering from erection loss anxiety Erector is a real solution. If you’ve had a prostatectomy it is an important part of penile rehabilitation and essential for penetrative sex.”