The Erektor™ has been a huge blessing to us, and we are so thankful

For the past several years, I’ve struggled with erectile dysfunction. I tried everything I could find, including all the ED drugs, to deal with the issue which was eating away at my masculinity, pleasure, and most of all, having the ability to keep a level of sexual intimacy that I really wanted with my wife. Due to the ED, my confidence was shot, and I felt condemned to a mediocre sexuality in which I could never again give my wife the kind of pleasure I so desired to give her. Sure, we could do things other than intercourse (and we did!), but to think that I would never feel myself inside of her and never experience the physical, emotional, and spiritual oneness of intercourse again was a very difficult thing to handle. Like I said, I tried the ED drugs, but all they gave me were headaches, an uncomfortable hot flushed feeling, and muscle aches in my legs that would last for days at a time and made it difficult to walk. And the drugs were very hit-and-miss. Sometimes they would work okay, but I was never sure if they actually would at the time, I needed them to. And if, for some reason, I had taken one but then we were unable to connect sexually that night, then that money went to waste, and I still had the side effects to deal with! Penile injections? Not getting a needle near that part of me! Implants? Too costly, and surgery “down there” wasn’t too attractive! Pumps? Unwieldy with no guarantee of success. I was out of options and felt there was nowhere else to turn. I had seen the Erektor™ online, but it seemed cost-prohibitive and after trying so many other things, I was afraid it was just another snake-oil solution that would let me down like so many other things had. But then I had the chance to try one, and I was instantly sold! The Erektor™ is sturdy and functional, and it guarantees that, even if my body does not perform to the standard, I want it to, I can still achieve intercourse with my beautiful bride! And she likes it too! It’s virtually undetectable to her, and she has been able to rekindle feelings and pleasures long hidden because she didn’t want to make me feel worse by complaining about the quality of my lovemaking! The Erektor™ has been a huge blessing to us, and we are so thankful to Global Life Technologies for making it possible for my wife and me to enjoy intercourse once again! We are not throwing money down the tubes anymore on solutions that are not solutions at all, and since there are no side effects to the Erektor™, it’s great to feel really good during intercourse once again!

Dale Kaufman
Board of Directors,

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