The Erektor™ device is simple, easy to use and frankly achieves the same result without the risk.

Erektor™ is a very clever device that allows men with erectile dysfunction to get and maintain an adequate erection for intermission. The reason this is important to me as a practicing urologist is that I have many men who are failing oral therapy and many men do not want to do injection therapy. The vacuum erection device has frankly been, for my patients, a dismal failure, with continued difficulty both in using the device and comfortably getting an erection adequate for sexual relations. In these patients, what is happening is I am ending up doing penile implant again, which is, as you know, a significant surgery with significant morbidity and equally importantly, extremely elevated cost for Medicare and the insurance carriers.

The Erektor™ device is simple, easy to use and frankly achieves the same result without the risk of the vacuum erection device or a surgical intervention. To me, this is remarkable in that what has happened in patients who have the inability to use the vacuum erection device for example due to stroke or significant physical handicap are now able to comfortably use the Erektor™ that keeps them out of the surgical suite. The last patient who used the Erektor™ was so happy with the device he actually wanted to wear it, of course, under his clothes out of the office to go home and show his wife. To me, this shows it is comfortable, safe, simple to use with great results, and as this man said, it restored his self-esteem and sense of manhood.

I have over 3,000 patients in my practice and over 700 patients can benefit from using the Erektor™ immediately.

Arnold J. Willis

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Erektor™ is registered by FDA as class II Medical Device and can be sold without prescriptions