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Erektor is simple to use. I highly recommend this product

The result of the prescribed injection was severe. In April of 2010, at age 79, I had six weeks of radiation for prostate cancer. One year later I had four surgeries and a heart attack in four weeks. One of the results of my health issues was ED. To deal with the problem, I first … Read more

Erektor would give men the freedom!

These are my thoughts and they are not etched in stone but I hear all the time from my friends in the US who are urologists that they are not aware of the Erektor. I am a great example of this problem of awareness. My urologist has been treating me with medication for years regarding … Read more

I had tried all the drugs and two vacuum pumps without success

Thank you for your device. I have been using it since I bought it last December. I have had ED since my prostate surgery and Radiation for prostate cancer three years ago. I had tried all the drugs and two vacuum pumps without success. I was already considering an implant until I found the Erektor, … Read more

I got no response from Viagra or Cialis

My wife and I have not been sexually active, or even interested, for the last nine years because of my severe case of ED. I got no response from Viagra or Cialis but only terrible side effects. I was told that I needed implant surgery, something I could not imagine. I tried some of those … Read more

It works great!!

I am 54, and have been suffering with ED for almost 20 years. At age 50, I had cancer and had my prostate removed. That surgery was the nail in the coffin for my erections. No other treatments worked. Pills, shots, and vacuums did nothing. My only two choices left were a $10K irreversible implant … Read more

One word describes the Erektor and that is………………………AWESOM!

One word describes the Erektor and that is……………………………….AWSOM! Congratulations on developing such a unique devise that helps men keep their partners happy. My wife actually said……………..He’s back I am now able to have intercourse without the worry of loosing my erection and I can honestly say when I have an erection which is normally soft, … Read more

I have to say it was one of the best intimate nights in years

“At age 77 my Urologist suggested that I begin taking 50 mg. of Viagra to help me maintain my worry about performing. I filled the prescription and received nothing more than marginal help after taking 50 mg. of Viagra while experiencing an unexpected burning feeling in my chest, arms, and head. The intense burning lasted … Read more

I bought an Erektor about a month ago and it has been great

“My wife and I are 68 and have always been sexually active. I bought an Erektor about a month ago and it has been great. I have been using Viagra for a number of years and lately it has not been holding my erection. We have tried several other sexual aids, none of which worked … Read more


Erektor™ is registered by FDA as class II Medical Device and can be sold without prescriptions