Prostate Cancer

I recommend it to all those who have undergone prostatectomy

“I am 62 years old and I am writing you to say Thanks Erektor. Since my removal of the prostate, The Erektor is the only way for me to keep the necessary rigidity for intercourse. I use it in conjunction with the vacuum pump and do not need injection. In any case, my wife and … Read more

I would definitely recommend the Erektor

“I would definitely recommend the Erektor. I suffered nerve damage from prostate cancer treatment years ago making sexual intercourse impossible. The little blue pills don’t do much for me anymore and the other options suggested by the medical profession haven’t worked for me. I considered an implant but that’s too invasive and could lead to … Read more

I feel like a whole man again

“Fifteen years ago, I had prostate surgery and a lot of radiation therapy which, of course left me with ED. I tried the blue pill, the vacuum pump and rings which resulted in frustration and not much success. After awhile, trying to have sex was just not worth the effort so the wife and I … Read more

I would recommend this for all who had the same problem or just ED.

“I had prostate removed along with one of the nerves that helps the blood flow to keep aroused. Doctors told me I would never get aroused again and nothing can be done. Started researching online what can be done to achieve the feeling of being aroused again and I came across the Erektor online and … Read more

This is the best product for relieving ED!

“This is the best product for relieving ED! Two prostate surgeries left me with no response to any of the three pills. MUSE was only partially effective and costly. Vacuum pumps were OK but not very satisfying. I just wish that my urologist had told me about the Erektor years ago. It works for both … Read more

A great product!

“A great product! Mid 70’s – ED problems for years, then prostate surgery, but wasn’t ready to give up. The first time wasn’t easy to attach, but the second time was much better. Even my wife was pleased.”


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