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This is a fine, quality product

“This is a fine, quality product. After having a medical condition 18 years ago, it became difficult for me to obtain a full erection. I tried many things including pumps, pills and injections with some degree of success. However, the Erektor makes all of these items unnecessary now, an erection is assured, there are no … Read more

The Erektor works great

“The Erektor works great. I have tried pills and shots and nothing has kept me erect; ready for sex as The Erektor. It takes the worry out of not having to plan a head for sex. Thanks!”

The Erektor is remarkable!

“The Erektor is remarkable! I have suffered with ED for 26 years (from the age of 40 to the age of 66). ED is a horrible curse, which has deprived me of any kind of reasonable sex life during what should have been the best years of my adult life. Naturally, during such an unreasonably … Read more


Erektor™ is registered by FDA as class II Medical Device and can be sold without prescriptions