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I would definitely recommend the Erektor

“I would definitely recommend the Erektor. I suffered nerve damage from prostate cancer treatment years ago making sexual intercourse impossible. The little blue pills don’t do much for me anymore and the other options suggested by the medical profession haven’t worked for me. I considered an implant but that’s too invasive and could lead to … Read more

Thank you Erektor

“After the ED drugs quit working I started searching for an alternative to gain an erection again. The only thing I came across was having am penile prosthesis implanted, but the cost was just too much. So we resorted to using some types of adult toys. These helped but the feeling of intercourse and the … Read more

It’s an ingenious design, backed by a very responsive company

I’m an especially hard (pardon the reverse pun) case. I have total, irreversible ED, with no ability to get an even partial erection. This resulted from surgery to remove an internal penile prosthesis that caused an infection. I found the Erektor through an internet search, and it appeared to be the most promising option among … Read more

I am a life changed by The Erektor

I have had ED for five years due to diabetes. Four years ago, I underwent incredibly painful surgery to get a penile implant pump. Because I had a high A1C, and because the doctor failed to ask about my A1C before the surgery, the surgical site was immediately infected and, within weeks, I was brought … Read more


Erektor™ is registered by FDA as class II Medical Device and can be sold without prescriptions