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Erektor™ is a tiny External Penile Support that makes it possible to perform full quality intercourse with weak erection or no erection at all instantly with full skin to skin contact and continue intercourse even after ejaculation.


Instant results guaranteed!

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Erektor™ is developed and manufactured by Global Life Technologies LLC, an American company based in Chicago, IL, dedicated to revolutionizing male sexual health.

Our mission is simple: to empower you and boost your confidence in the bedroom.

Our product is FDA-approved for sale without prescriptions because effectiveness and simplicity of the application. It’s time to take control of your sexual health with Erektor™.

Don’t let erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation hold you back any longer. Try Erektor™ risk-free and take the first step toward a more confident, satisfying life. Order now, and remember, we’ve got your satisfaction guaranteed!

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Benefits and Features of the EREKTORTM

Natural Feel


Full Sensation


No Prescriptions






Condom Friendly


Easy to use


Quick Application

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Common Questions & Answers

What is the Erektor™?

Erektor™ is a tiny, lightweight, external penile support device when applied on a flaccid penis makes it possible to perform FULL QUALITY intercourse even without a natural erection and continue intercourse even after ejaculation.

Is the Erektor™ a real solution for immediate intercourse without side effects?

Erektor™ helps men with impotence and premature ejaculation problems perform full quality intercourse as long as partners want without use of any drugs, supplements, injections, pumps or surgeries and without any side effects, reactions or interactions with other drugs.

Results and benefit are immediate.

Erektor™ is virtually undetectable by the female partner during intercourse.
Erektor™ provides full skin on skin contact for both sexual partners.
Erektor™ is a class II medical device registered with FDA USA and can be sold without a prescription.

What are the major benefits of the Erektor™?

– Immediate results. No medications, no injections, pumps, or surgeries needed and as a result no side effects.
– Erektor™ can be put on a flaccid penis in a matter of seconds.
– Men can perform intercourse with a weak erection or without an erection at all.
– Penetration is 100% guaranteed.
– Duration of intercourse is limited only by mutual desire of the partners.

How long has the Erektor™ been on the Market?

Erektor™ has been on a market for over 12 years.

Does the Erektor™ need a prescription?

No. The Erektor™ can be purchased directly by the consumer without a prescription.

Is the Erektor™ safe?

Yes. Each Erektor™ is manufactured in the USA, strictly with FDA guidance for manufacturing of the external penile support devices, using only FDA-approved materials in an FDA-approved facility and carries a 12-month warranty.

How long can I perform intercourse with the Erektor™?

You can enjoy sex for as long as you want and as your physical condition allows. With the Erektor™ you can perform intercourse any time you want for as long as you want. We recommend not exceeding 30 min. sessions with a rest period of at least 15 minutes in between sessions. Enjoy responsibly, using common sense on the duration.

How difficult is to put the Erektor™ on?

It is very simple to attach. In fact, it is as easy as putting on a condom. It should take less than 30 seconds. You simply slide the clip on the shaft back to the base, the spread apart the front loop. Next, wrap the loop around the area behind the head of your penis and slide the clip up. Lastly, attach the back of the shaft to 1 of the 4 included base rings. The below video demonstrates how to attach The Erektor™.

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Is the Erektor™ adjustable or does one size fit all?

No. each Erektor™ is custom made to provide the perfect fit for each specific anatomy.

Should I use lubricants?

Yes. Lubricants are strongly recommended.

Can I see how the Erektor™ works prior to buying it?

Yes, go to the website: , click on the buttons: “Explanation videos” , ” Videos” or “Photos”

Is there an additional charge for a special size Erektor™?

No. We manufactured the custom Erektor™ based on your specific anatomy.

What is the procedure for ordering of the Erektor™?

After you place your order, you will receive the email with conformation and two steps instruction. As a first step we will send you a measuring kit. In a second step you provide your specific anatomy measurements online. We will manufacture the custom made Erektor™ based on your specific anatomy and ship it to you.

What it the price for the Erektor™?

Price for the custom made Erektor™ is $298 USD

What is the warranty for the Erektor™?

Manufacturing warranty for the Erektor™ is 12 months from production date.

Is the Erektor™ reusable?

Yes. The Erektor™ is reusable and can be used many times. Manufacturing warranty for the Erektor™ is 12 months based on average of 500 uses.

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Instant results guaranteed!

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