Natural ED Treatment

FDA Registered, Doctor Approved

Revolutionary ED Treatment

Benefits and Features

The Erektor™ provides the same rigidity as a naturally erect penis.
The Erektor™ is flexible in the same way as an erect penis during intercourse, providing natural freedom while conforming to your partner.
The Erektor™ is comfortable to wear and stays on without any strips, springs, or rubber bands, ensuring pleasurable intercourse.
The Erektor™ adapts to your unique shape.
The Erektor is virtually indestructible under normal use.
The product is smooth to the touch without any sharp or protruding elements.
The Erektor™ can accommodate circumcised as well as uncircumcised penises.
The Erektor™ is virtually undetectable by the female partner during intercourse.

Custom Made Erektor

The Erektor™ is approved by the FDA for sale without prescription.

It involves the following 2 step process:

Step #1.
We will send you a measuring kit with instruction for measuring yourself.

After receiving the measuring kit, please, follow the instructions for measurements using the link below:

How to Measure

After you complete the order and have your measurements, please, place your measurement numbers accordingly in the form using the link below along with your order number which will be provided on your email when you complete your order.

Enter Measurement

After receiving your e-mail we will manufacture a Custom Erektor based on your specific Anatomy according to the measurements provided.


The Erektor™ is a nonsurgical device that helps men of all ages with erectile dysfunction and problems with premature ejaculation to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life again.